Autumn Programme 2018

17th September

7:00  1918: The End of WW1                                                               Jadranka Coic

Jadranka Coic

Jadranka Coic

Arms were laid down on 11th hour, the 11th day, of the 11th month 100 years ago. How did the chart bode for future peace?

Biography: Jadranka Coic  was born and raised in Croatia and, in 1991, moved to London. She works as an accountant but spends free time either practising astrology or growing vegetables on her allotment in accordance with Moon cycles. Jadranka started to study astrology more than fifteen years ago with The Faculty of Astrological Studies. She was the Lodge’s Treasurer and is currently thee Beginner’s Class Tutor, as well as organiser of the annual Astrology and Healing Seminar.


8:30  1918: Medicine in the field, WW1                                               Wanda Sellar

Wanda Sellar

Wanda Sellar

What medical measures were taken during the conflict? What was the nature of injuries? Did Spanish ‘Flu spread because of the war?  With appropriate charts.

Biography: Wanda Sellar, Dip.Astrol., Q.H.P., is a past president of the Astrological Lodge and current editor of the A.A.’s ‘Astrology & Medicine Newsletter. She has written three books on astrology: The Consultation Chart, Introduction to Medical Astrology and Introduction to Decumbiture. She is now working on a new book: Chart Shapes: the code to interpretation. She is the principal of the Iceni Medical Astrology Course.



24th September

7:00 Kala Sarpa Yoga – The serpent of time                            Vijaya Subramanian

It happens when all the planets from the Sun to the Saturn are hemmed between the nodes of Moon splitting the Zodiac into two. People born with this pattern find themselves bound by the events in their life and will undergo restlessness until the nodes reach the age of maturity. Rahu in the front gives rise to a materialistic life, and Ketu in the front will lead to spirituality. This necklace like pattern in the sky also plays an important role in world events.

Biography:Vijaya was born in India and had a successful career as investment professional in Equites in London and Hong Kong for 17 years. She gave it all up to pursue the study and practice of the philosophy of Vedanta and Vedic astrology.  She has been a member of British Vedic Astrology Association (BAVA) since 2004 and is a regular speaker in their annual conferences since 2011. She is a practising Vedic astrologer and has obtained the certificate of Jyotisha Pandita, after studying the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra with her Guru Pandit Sanjay Rath. She is now a part of the faculty of Devaguru Brhaspathi Centre run by Pandit Sanjay Rath, teaching the same programme in Europe. She is also teaching the philosophy of Vedanta and Yoga in Yoga teacher training programmes, and pursuing Sanskrit studies at the Languages Centre in SOAS University, London.


8:30  Remarkable Women                                                                        Alison Kelly

It is a hundred years since women got the vote (partial). We shall examine the chart of Emmeline Pankhurst and other remarkable women.

Biography: Alison has been a member of the Lodge for several years, serving on the committee for many of them.


1st October

7:00 Carter Memorial Lecture                                                                    Lynn Bell

         Into the Labyrinth of Stars

Lynn Bell

For millennia, astrology has used the light of the stars to follow the twists and turns of fate – each branch of the art guiding in different ways.  As Uranus enters Taurus, jolting the earth, what forces will we encounter at the centre of the labyrinth?

Biography: Lynn Bell is a consulting astrologer who specialises in psychological and archetypal astrology. A long time tutor for the CPA, Lynn now teaches online for MISPA and Astrology University, as well as for the FAS, the LSA and many roups worldwide. She is the author of ‘Planetary Threads’ and ‘Cycles of Light’ and winner of the 2016 Charles Harvey Award. For many years, she has been on the faculty of the New Chartres School and CMED.

8:30  Sun-Moon Angles (1)                                                               Sonal Sachdeva     

Sonal Sachdeva

Sonal Sachdeva

The Day of the week you are born on and various combinations that are pivotal themes for your health and Relationships is called Panchanga, the 5 Limbs of time, which gives you literally a perspective on your entire life, even without delving into your birth chart!

Biography: Sonal Sachdeva is a new media enthusiast, filmmaker and practices Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). She studied under Liz Greene at the CPA. Her films/Videos deal with social issues, the environment, and the ways people from different cultures live, think and feel. In 2010 she founded a group Circle of Divine Astrology, which holds events, discussions, talks and multimedia projects in London. Circle of Divine Video project online has been the first of its kind to document interviews with not just Astrologers, but practitioners of alternative healing arts from all around the world. In the year 2013, Circle of Divine Astro Essences were launched. They are 100 percent pure Moisturising Oil blends for nourishing the skin and promoting emotional well-being. Each of the 12 oil blends are uniquely hand-made, high vibrational, mantra-infused and are tailored to the placement of Sun, Moon or Ascendant.



8th October

7:00  Charting the Soul: Five Stages of Incarnation                           Rebekah Hirsch

Rebekah Hirsch

In this talk will be meeting the archetypes of the planets as guides on the different stages of the soul’s journey from the realms of spirit into the physical world. This voyage ranges from Uranus and Mercury – guardians of the remote cosmic realms of the mind, the ideal and the idea – through to Venus and Saturn who bring us right down into the joys and the limitations of the body and life in the manifest world.

Biography: Rebekah Hirsch trained in the 1980’s at the Centre for Psychological Astrology. She followed this with training in psycho-spiritual energy healing to become and advanced level graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, USA.
Rebekah is the author of ‘Charting the Soul: Astrology, Characterology and the Human Energy Field’, bringing together her understanding of body-mind psychology, energy healing and the archetypes of the planets of the horoscope.
Rebekah has a private practice as an energy healer and an archetypal astrologer. She runs her own Charting the Soul workshops in Devon and in London and she also runs workshops on the transpersonal process known as Voice Dialogue.

8:30   Sun-Moon Angles (2)                                                               Sonal Sachdeva     



15th October

7:00 Albion 15760: Prominence and Privilege                               Lucien Windrich

The first Kuiper Belt object discovered 26 years ago has been officially named Albion after the primeval man in William Blake’s mythology.  What might it mean astrologically? As the first classical Kuiper Belt object to be discovered since Pluto and the comet Charon, it heralded a new beginning for astrology online when it was discovered in 1992. We explore the possible astrological significance of this small icy cubewano beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Biography: Lucien worked as a professional musician for many years and began studying astrology seriously in the early 90’s. He completed the Diploma with the Faculty of Astrological Srudies in 1994, and for a few years worked as a production editor for the Astrology Quarterly. Lucien is currently researching the golden section in astrology, and the significance of floating lumps of rock in the Kuiper Belt.  He has a degree in anthropology, and lives in London with his wife and three children.

8:30    Planetary Magic yantras/Talismans.                                     Sonal Sachdeva

‘Yantras’ or Mandalas are sacred geometric patterns with great healing properties. These have been in use in ancient India for thousands of years to alleviate troublesome transits and appease the planetary gods. For e.g a tough Saturn’s transit to the natal Moon, goddess Kali’s yantra is invoked. We discover a world of hidden import in patterns and it’s uses.



22nd October

7:00 Draconic Astrology                                                                    Patricia Godden

Patricia Godden

Patricia Godden

Draconic Astrology indicates a deeper level of consciousness of the soul and ideals the soul is striving to attain. Illustrations are shown and examples used to demonstrate this deeper level and how the soul is guiding the physical life for individuals, organisations and nations.

Biography: A scientist turned astrologer. With a degree in Physiology and Biochemistry and a doctorate in endocrinology, the study of hormones, Patricia worked in scientific research and then the pharmaceutical industry. An increasing spiritual awareness led her to study astrology and she gained her diploma from the White Eagle School of Astrology. She has researched draconic astrology at a deeper level and uses her findings during consultations. Her two books are Housing your Planets and Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality.

8:30  AGM


29th October

7:00  The Astro-Organiser: Organise your life with astrology        Derek Norcott

Astrological symbolism has become second-nature to you, so why not use it to organise your life. I shall show you how to use it to structure the folders and bookmarks on your computer; create a life-plan; memorise lists; organise your work ... and more.

Biography: Derek Norcott has studied and researched astrology since 1969. He is self-educated and has a large collection of books on astrology. He has attended the Astrological Lodge religiously since 2001, has presented occasional seminars at the Lodge, and has written various articles for the Quarterly. Derek is a past member of the Astrological Association. He worked in IT for two decades as an analysis-programmer, and as database and web support. For leisure, he enjoys web development and typesetting using LaTeX. He keeps a diary and urges other astrologers to do the same, as it is an invaluable method for testing astrology to one’s personal satisfaction.

8:30   Israel Ajose                                                                                

5th November

7:00   Gunpowder, Treason and Plot                                                       Gill Dorren


Gill Dorren

It’s Guy Fawkes night, so Gill will be giving the astrological history of this infamous plot which we remember this time every year. And there will be fireworks !!!

Biography: Gill has been studying astrology and Cosmology for many years and as an Aquarian, with Scorpio rising,  is actually looking forward to the dawning of a new age and is intrigued with so many great people trying to predict the end of the World as we know it. Gill Dorren is Treasure of the Lodge and has been studying and practising Astrology for 30 years. She has particular interests in Cosmology (past and present)  and is keen to fuse astrology with current cosmological theory. And has given many lectures on this at the Lodge. She also loves the history of the 17th century and helped organise the Astrologers Feast to celebrate the  Lodges’ centenary at the Painters Hall, the original venue from the 17th century.

8:30  Israel Ajose                       


12th November                                                                                           

7:00  The Fire houses                                                                                 Israel Ajose

Israel Ajose

Israel Ajose

Recognising and understanding the 1st, 5th and 9th houses is very crucial in the natal chart and maybe the most important of all the houses, I will be highlighting how we can reach a maximum potential, activate and recognise our true enlightenment in this incarnation.

Biography: Israel Ajose D.Psych.Astrol  is an astrological teacher, transpersonal therapist consultant, and director of Astrology of the (Psyche) Soul, and has been practicing since 2007, after studying and completing full honours in psychological astrology at The Centre of Psychological Astrology. He is also the current secretary for the Astrological Lodge of London.

8:30  Jadranka Coic                                                                      


19th November

7:00 #DeleteFacebook – The Astrology of an Unravelling            Marilena Marino

Marilena Marino

Marilena Marino

Facebook is one of the most profitable organisations in the world, with over a billion users globally. But will it last? Revelations of gross misuse of personal data have shaken its foundations, threatening the downfall of one of the most powerful technology platforms in the world. An exploration of the astrology behind Facebook’s success and the dramatic developments over the last year.

Biography Marilena Marino is an astrology writer and consultant, published in IAM Infinity Astrology Magazine and the AA’s Astrological Journal. She is also a committee member of the Astrological Lodge of London, and a contributor of video interviews with leading astrologers to the Astrological Association’s YouTube channel. Her personal blog and social media links can be found on

8:30  Ritual


26th November

7:00 Chiron in Aries: Light on the Warrior                                 Melanie Reinhart

On April 17th 2018, Chiron entered Aries, re-entering Pisces on September 26th 2018; the second Aries ingress will occur on February 18th 2019. Chiron reaches Aphelion (furthest point from the Sun) on May 27th, 2021. We explore the symbolism and meaning of Chiron in transition from Pisces to Aries, ruled by Mars. What does this energy bring to a world so troubled by negative manifestations of the Mars energy? What kind of Warrior is this?

Chiron in Aries: A Guided Journey                                   Melanie Reinhart

A guided imagery process, offering the opportunity to enter our personal healing space within. There will be time to de-brief the experience, and you are invited to share your own chart and life stories, reflecting on the transits of Chiron in Pisces/Aries.

Biography: Since 1959, astrology has been central to Melanie Reinhart’s life and since 1975 she has been offering consultations, writing and teaching in the UK and worldwide. She has published original research on the minor planet Chiron and the “Centaurs”, and her special interest is contemplative work.

3rd December                                                                                   

7:00  Forwards and Backwards                                                          Bernard Eccles

Bernard Eccles

Bernard Eccles

A look forward not only to the dark clouds now gathering in Capricorn, but to the happier times to come in the 2020s. Plus a look back at a few dire indications from decades past: were they really that bad, in the end?’

Biography: Bernard Eccles is a writer and teacher of many years experience, a former President and a Life  Member of the Astrological Lodge. Although he lecturers regularly at the Faculty Summer School and at conferences nationwide, he still regards the ALL as his astrological home, having been a member since 1978.

8:30 Party!                                                                                     



Chart Discussion, as an alternative to 8:30pm class, can be available in the tea room on all evenings except 19 November and 3 December. Please speak to the chair for the evening.


Spring Term Begins 14th January 2019