After the First World War Charles Carter, author of many books on astrology still in print, returned from service in the army and was elected President of the Lodge in 1922. In 1926 ‘Astrology’ began publication with Charles Carter as editor. As the organ of the A.L.L. it has maintained high standards ever since. With contributions from members and others, it is a forum for discussion in the astrological community.

The magazine later changed its name to Astrology Quarterly. The Quarterly is free to members and is available for £4.50 to anybody else. A selection of recent editions is shown below. Please contact the Quarterly editor if you wish to offer an article, place an advertisement or request copies.

Astrology Quarterly Vol. 87 No. 1, Spring 2022

Astrology Quarterly Vol. 86 No. 4, Winter 2021

Astrology Quarterly Vol. 86 No. 3, Autumn 2021