AGM – 17 February 2020

Annual General Meeting – 17 February 2020

Kim Farnell has been nominated as President, Israel Ajose as Vice President and Gill Dorren as Treasurer. As there are no other candidates they will be elected unopposed.

The nominees for Secretary are Sue Farebrother and Geraldine Williams and there will be an election for the post at the AGM. (The person who isn’t elected as Secretary will be offered a place on the committee.)

In addition, as we have more nominees than places for committee members this year, there will be an election for the committee. Seven places are available and the nominees are:

Thea Dick
Adam Fronteras
Azra Ibrisimbegovic
Trish Marin
Francesca Oddie
Simeon Posner
Sonal Sachdeva
Adam Smith

Ballot papers will be issued and all votes will be private. Only Lodge members are entitled to vote although non-members may attend the AGM as observers. If you are a Lodge member, please attend the AGM so you may cast your vote.