Summer 2019 Programme

29th April 2019

7pm and 8:30pm – The Astrological Soul: A Study of Eastern Astrology and Philosophy – Pandit Sanjay Rath

The founding question of all religions is: Where do the dear ones go after life? A quandary contemplated by generations, arriving at the notion of Atman or individual soul. The atman – bound by ropes called Karma – is forced to rebirth, to process the karma, and learns to untangle these ropes. To better understand atman and our karmic ties, the significance of the KIng of the Chart, Atmakaraka and Minister and other Significators or Chara Karakas is explored from a Vedic Astrology perspective.

Biography: Pandit Sanjay Rath

13th May
7:00pm – The Warsaw Uprising – Wanda Sellar

It is 75 years since the 1944 Uprising in Occupied Poland. We shall look at the Event chart and the charts of two heroic figures connected to the Polish Underground.

Biography: Wanda Sellar

8:30pm – The Life and Loves of Frida Kahlo – Jadranka Coic

A remarkable artist, as well as the muse of Diego Riviera and Leon Trotsky.

Biography: Jadranka Coic

20th May
7:00pm – Astrology Investment Strategies – Christeen Skinner

Astrological investment strategies and money in the horoscope.
The chart for this evening, as the Sun and Mercury move into the ‘commercial’ sign of Gemini, whilst Venus and Uranus move through Taurus (accenting financial desire) and Mars moves through Cancer (with possible anxiety about resources), it seems fitting to talk about money ‘the root of all evil’ and how we might take a healthy approach to its management.

Biography: Christeen Skinner

8:30pm – Love and Conception (1) – Wade Caves

Love and Conception
Exploring Relationship Issues through Horary. The bread and butter of a horary astrologer’s practice, relationship questions are not technically difficult but can offer unique challenges in consultation. As astrologers, how do we take what we see in a chart and turn that into something meaningful for a client? What are the common pitfalls in relationship chart consultation, and how can we allow the astrology to work through us in a clearer, more direct way? In this presentation we will assess horaries relating to relationships and pregnancy to see reliable first principles at work, with a focus on the pragmatic nature of interpersonal counselling.

Biography: Wade Caves

3rd June
7:00pm – Making the Most of Minor Aspects – Priscilla Costello

Over the centuries, minor aspects have been added to the basic Ptolemaic set of conjunction, opposition, square, trine, and sextile. Many modern astrologers now use semi-sextiles, quintiles, and quincunxes. What do quintiles and other, less well-known aspects (7ths, 9ths, 10ths, and 11ths) mean symbolically and practically? We’ll look at both the theory and practical application of a wider range of aspects than the usual ones.

Biography: Priscilla Costello

8:30pm – Love and Conception (2) -Wade Caves

Biography: Wade Caves

10th June
7:00pm – Nama Aksara or Sound of your Name – Sonal Sachdeva

This is the key to your life’s themes. Starting letter of your name activates a certain part of your natal chart. Find what seed sounds or Beeja are good for your wellbeing.

Biography: Sonal Sachdeva

8:30pm – Love and Conception (3) -Wade Caves

Biography: Wade Caves

17th June
7:00pm – Financial Astrology and W.D. Gann – Olga Morales

No other historical Wall Street trader and forecaster has been an enigma quite like W.D. Gann. He discovered the sacred geometry in cyclic planetary patterns that influence not only speculative markets but also the tides of generations and countries. As a legacy to future generations of traders, he left behind courses, books, charts and some teachings of a cryptic and esoteric nature – like his novel, The Tunnel Thru the Air (TTTA). Gain insights into his major forecasting cycles.

Biography: Olga Morales

8:30pm – Interpreting the Rulers of the Houses and Timing their Activation – Chris Brennan

One of the keys to chart delineation is learning how to interpret the rulers of the 12 houses when they are in different houses. For example, what does it mean when the ruler of the 7th house is in the 11th house, or when ruler of the 10th is in the 9th? In this lecture attendees will learn how to interpret these placements, as well as how to identify when the topics associated with them will become activated at specific times in the life of the native by using a timing technique known as annual profections.

Biography: Chris Brennan

24th June
7:00pm – Astrology and the Psychology of Selves – Rebekah Hirsch

This is the theory that every person’s psyche is made up of many different sub-personalities. As the psychosynthesis therapist Pierro Ferrucci says Each of us is a crowd. We all have our habitual ways of being, characteristics that we feel safe to express and these are known as the Primary Selves: But often some kind of Pleaser or Pusher or Protector. But we also have characteristics that we feel are not acceptable – our shadow selves referred to as the Disowned Selves. Watching over all this and deciding which selves are and are not acceptable is the fearful figure of the Judge or the Inner Critic. Usually this whole system of Primaries, Disowned energies and Critics is set up to conceal and protect our vulnerable selves such as the Inner Child. Working with the Psychology of Selves in a process known as Voice Dialogue, we can get to know all of these selves including making space to hear from Disowned and Vulnerable Selves and to discover the importance and value of the energy they hold. Of course this theory fits perfectly with astrology. In a horoscope we can see all of it – the primary selves, the disowned selves and the vulnerable selves. Understanding the process of Voice Dialogue can be immensely helpful to an astrologer as a way of communicating the paradoxes and polarities of the horoscope – the dance of the Selves – the theatre of the archetypes that is astrology.

Biography: Rebekah Hirsch

8:30pm – The Mysterious 8th House – Martin Sebastian Moritz

The 8th house fascinates with its complexity. It is an umbrella under which we find sexuality, seduction, entanglement, the underworld, the values of others, taboos, inheritance, debts, but also guilt, shame and possessiveness, death, transformation and reincarnation. A glimpse behind the mirror.

Biography: Martin Sebastian Moritz

1st July
7:00pm – The Moon Landing – Gill Dorren

Fifty years ago – on 20 July 1969 – Neil Armstrong took that one small step on the Moon which became a giant leap for mankind.

Biography: Gill Dorren

8:30pm – Three American Presidents – Jadranka Coic, Wanda Sellar, Lucien Windrich

Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter.

Biography: Lucien Windrich

8th July
7:00pm – The Progressed Sun: Who Are We Becoming? – Mj Patterson

As a predictor, the Progressed Moon gets all the glory, but the Progressed Sun, as the Evolving Self has its own story to tell. Let’s explore how the Sun moves through signs and houses, what happens when it converses with (aspects) other planets and how we can use this information to map our way forward

8:30pm – Trip Charts – Mj Patterson

How to choose a chart for smooth sailing on any trip you undertake, even choose a chart to suit the purpose of the trip.

Biography: Mj Patterson

15th July
7:00pm – Cancer, Capricorn and Stonehenge – Jessica Adams

Cancer and Capricorn season – when the Sun moves into both signs and stands still – are tied to the Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice at Stonehenge around 22nd June and 22nd December. In Australia, an Aboriginal stone arrangement called Wurdi Youang, called Australia’s Stonehenge, also marks Capricorn and Cancer season, even though the first Australians did not use that zodiac. The Sun is no longer even in front of these constellations in mid-June and mid-December now, yet why is that for thousands of years Midsummer and Midwinter have reflected Cancer and Capricorn themes? Come along to pick up a new Stonehenge Astrology audio walking tour and enjoy some Stonehenge cake at the summer party.

Biography: Jessica Adams

8:30 PARTY!

The Autumn term will begin on 9th September 2019.

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