Spring 2019 Programme

7:00 The Year Ahead – Wendy Stacey

Wendy will consider transits and the upcoming planetary climate to see how we can make creative use of the energies around us in the coming year, in particular, building up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn the following January.

Biography: Wendy Stacey

8:30 The Heroes of Bletchley Park – Derek Norcott

There were many heroes at Bletchley during WW11, however, three stand out: Turing, Tutte and Flowers. They saved England and its allies from defeat and kick started the computer age, yet all three were treated badly after the war. I shall be examining their charts.

Biography: Derek Norcott

21st January

7:00 Karmic Aspects and Configurations – Szuzsanna Griga

Aspects are the electric wiring of the chart, and whenever they form configurations the sum total is exponentially larger as they are the driving force behind everything in karmic astrology.

Biography: Zsuzsanna Griga

Email: zsuzsanna.griga@gmail.com

8:30 Relationships (1) – Natalie Delahaye

Relationships are what makes the world go round. They come in all shapes and sizes. Natalie will look at the relationship potential and patterns in the natal chart and how these evolve and change with time.

Biography: Natalie Delahaye

28th January

7:00 Somewhere to Call Home – Mandi Lockley

The 1930 Housing Act, with transiting Pluto Conjunct the UK’s 10th House Cancer Moon, transformed housing with slum clearances and the construction of 700,000 state-owned homes. This talk tracks UK housing up to the present time with transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposing its 1930 placement and the UK Moon, with the fall of Grenfell Tower a tragic motif for the current housing crisis.

Biography: Mandi Lockley

8:30 Relationships (2) – Natalie Delahaye

Relationships can be for a reason, a season or a lifetime. In this session, we will look at connections between 2 people through their synastry and composite charts.

Biography: Natalie Delahaye

4th February

7:00 The Astrology of a New Vision of Capitalism – Roy Gillett

A lot has happened to the world economy since Roy last spoke on it to the Lodge in 2010. Earth stelliums bringing speculative obsessions ‘down to earth’ will dominate from 2018 through 2020. Present financial policies are unrealistic attempts to sustain a system past its sell-by date. Will Pluto-in-Aquarius period that will follow be worse or better? Does astrology suggest that the changes we now face are as, if not more, radical than those at the end of the neolithic period, five to six thousand years ago?

Biography: Roy Gillett

8:30 Relationships (3) – Natalie Delahaye

A look at the history of relationships throughout the ages, through the lens f astrology. Natalie will explore the generational planets and relationships in the 21st century and beyond.

Biography: Natalie Delahaye

11th February

7:00 Reflections – Ana Isabel

In this talk, Ana Isabel explores the nature of relationships and how they can be better understood through synastry charts.

Biography: Ana Isabel

8:30 Earth Signs: Taurus – Gill Dorren

A Review.

Biography: Gill Dorren

18th February

7:00 The Sky God Uranus – Jadranka Coic

Banished by his wife and sons, Uranus seemed to have disappeared from consciousness until its planetary namesake was discovered in 1781. Let’s review.

Biography: Jadranka Coic

8:30 Earth Signs: Capricorn – Wanda Sellar

A Review.

Biography: Wanda Sellar

25th February

7:00 Wisdom by Design – Christina Rodenbeck

The goddess asteroids are extremely useful for determining vocation and social contracts in individual charts. Find out how the cool, calm and collected asteroid of wisdom, Pallas Athena, works in real charts — and bring your own. I’ll be bringing a lot of examples — particularly of astrologers’ charts.

Biography: Christina Rodenbeck

8:30 Earth Signs: Virgo – Marilena Marino

A Review.

Biography: Marilena Marino

4th March

7:00 Picatrix – Chris Mitchell

Picatrix is a 1000 year old grimoire of astrological magic, originally written in Arabic but translated into Spanish and Latin in the 13th century. Picatrix went on to become a highly influential book in the Renaissance and later – William Lilly was given a copy written by Elias Ashmole. Chris Mitchell will look at this ancient tome and show you how you can find true love, summon demons and forge magical talismans using everyday ingredients such as diamonds and leopard fat.

Biography: Chris Mitchell

8:30 Jyotish for Western Astrologers (1) – Adam Smith

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Biography: Adam Smith

11th March

7:00 The Growing Pains of Harry Potter – Alex Trenoweth

Could J.K. Rowling, the world’s most successful author, be an astrologer? Examining the themes of Rowling’s seven-book series about The Boy Who Lived, professional astrologer and English teacher Alex Trenoweth combines the author’s fictional descriptions with her own research into astrology and education. Harry Potter may be a wizard in the minds of Muggles but astrologically, is he just an ordinary teenager?

Biography: Alex Trenoweth

8:30 Jyotish for Western Astrologers (2) – Adam Smith

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Biography: Adam Smith

18th March

7:00 Astrology in the World of Non-Astrologers – Kim Farnell

Astrologers often work as if they are from a parallel universe; they live in the astrological world while ordinary people inhabit another. However, astrology is sprinkled throughout popular culture. We’ll take a tour through astrology in some surprising places during the last 60 years, including manga, computer games and television.

Biography: Kim Farnell

8:30 AGM

25th March

7:00 The Power of Mercury – Israel Ajose

The messenger of the gods is perhaps on many levels one of the most important planets in our charts, over the years it may seem as if this quick, swift and cunning deity has been overlooked, in this lecture I will be showing the powers of mercury in the birth chart and how we can utilise his gifts more effectively to connect us to the gods, planetary archetypes and the wider universe

Biography: Israel Ajose

8:30 Ritual

Next Term starts on 29th April

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