Monday 17th of June – Olga Morales and Chris Brennan

7:00pm – Financial Astrology and W.D. Gann – Olga Morales

No other historical Wall Street trader and forecaster has been an enigma quite like W.D. Gann. He discovered the sacred geometry in cyclic planetary patterns that influence not only speculative markets but also the tides of generations and countries. As a legacy to future generations of traders, he left behind courses, books, charts and some teachings of a cryptic and esoteric nature – like his novel, The Tunnel Thru the Air (TTTA). Gain insights into his major forecasting cycles.

Biography: Olga Morales

8:30pm – Interpreting the Rulers of the Houses and Timing their Activation – Chris Brennan

One of the keys to chart delineation is learning how to interpret the rulers of the 12 houses when they are in different houses. For example, what does it mean when the ruler of the 7th house is in the 11th house, or when ruler of the 10th is in the 9th? In this lecture attendees will learn how to interpret these placements, as well as how to identify when the topics associated with them will become activated at specific times in the life of the native by using a timing technique known as annual profections.

Biography: Chris Brennan

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