Learn Jyotisha or Vedic astrology with Sonal Sachdeva for free at the Astrological Lodge of London! Every Monday at 6pm via Zoom.

Please register your interest at SonalSach108@gmail.com OR please join the group:


Open to intermediate or absolute beginners, and those trained in western astrology.


Monday 21st September 2020 at 6 pm

  • Initial casual discussion on participants and their levels
  • Expectations from the course
  • Recommended habits and lifestyle to follow for learning Vedic astrology

Monday 28th September at 6 pm

  • Review of Jyotish software – free and paid ones available on the market
  • Texts books and recommended reading for beginners
  • Participants’ charts discussion

EXTRA SESSION 1 Friday 2nd October at 2:15pm

  • Brief overview of Vedic Cosmology and
  • Jyotish Vedic Astrology
  • Ode to Lord Ganesha- mantras for Lord Ganesha
  • Graha Planets, deities and The Nature

October 05th at 6 pm

  • Grahas Planets : Their Tattvas elements and the Gunas attitudes

October 12th at 6 pm

  • Planetary Grahas Characteristics and their Dhristis Aspects


October 19th at 6 pm

  • The Creation of Rashis  Zodiac Signs and connections to the Nakshatras and their Motion

November 2nd  at 6 pm

  • The twelve Bhavas Houses and the Karakas Significators

November 9th 

  • Sambhanda Associations in the Bhavas Houses with Lords of each House

November 16th  at 6 pm

  • Effects of Birth in Various Lagnas Ascendants

November 23rd at 6 pm 

  • Determining and introducing Curses in the Chart (Rishta and Arishta Yogas)
  • Remedies.

November 30th 

  • Yogas, Combinations, Raj Yogas, Kingly Combinations , Raj Bhanga Yogas
  • Destruction of Kingly Combination as well as Neecha raja Bhanga Destruction of debilitation Combinations in the chart

December 7th 

  • The Ninth Divisional Chart Navamsa D9: Chart for long term intimate relationships, marriage, and destiny or destiny and relationships

December 14th 

  • The King of the Planetary Periods : UDU Dasha Vimshottari Dasha




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