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Perfect Timing using the Moon Phases – Robyn Ray

Unlock the secrets of your personal lunar cycles and learn to record and understand the stories in your life. The Metonic Cycle, or Moon Phase cycle as we call it, is an ancient Lunar Calendar system used long ago by the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas. It was only in Roman times that we changed from a Lunar based system to a Sun based system to record the time. The Moon Phases continuously interlink over periods of three years and repeat exactly every nineteen years. Understanding this simple system and being able to link the Moon Phases into Groups provides a valuable source of information. Knowing how to record present events will also give the advantage of being able to predict events in the future. This is an amazing Timing system that can be used in so many ways.

Biography: ROBYN RAY D.F.Astrol.S., R.C.Astrol., STA., FAPAI
Robyn is a Teacher, a Counsellor and a Consultant, combining both Modern and Traditional Astrology. She was one of the original Members of the APAI where she worked as a Council Member for many years. Her fascination with the Lunar Phases over three decades has given her the experience to time events in the future, with the extraordinary accuracy that this system provides.

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Jan 24 2022


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Wanda Sellar


Wanda Sellar

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