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Coffee and Crime – Assassination & murders

Assassination and Murder A look at two of the most mysterious and highly controversial assassinations and murder in the 20th century. In this presentation I will be using traditional, mediaeval and modern psychological astrological understandings that to give us insights into the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. Although a finger seems to point towards Lee Harvey Oswald as responsible for the assassination of JFK, and the accusation seems to point towards O.J. Simpson for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. There seems to be much more to this assassination and murder mystery. So what does the planets in the heavens at the time of these tragic killings have to say about these incidences, Can the wandering planets reveal and give us more insights as to what was taking place at the time of their deaths. So let’s see what the astrology chart of the moment has to offer. Biography: Israel Ajose D.Psych.Astrol is a dedicated student and teacher of astrology, tarot, and a consultant. He studied and completed full honours in psychological astrology at the centre of psychological astrology in London with Liz Greene. By combining traditional, mediaeval, and psychological and Vedic techniques and methods, he is now a full-time practitioner & teacher of astrology, tarot, philosophical and esoteric teachings. He is the current President of the astrological lodge of London. Much of his studies and practices also include cosmology, mythology, occult sciences, Kabbalah, shamanism, and divination. Note one ticket covers the whole day

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Sep 04 2021


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Wanda Sellar


Wanda Sellar


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