History Day 2022 : Cosmic Shifts Sat 17th September, 2022 online 10am to 5pm

Heliocentrism: The Life of Nicolaus Copernicus                                 Wanda Sellar

Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish cleric and astronomer published his groundbreaking ‘On the Revolution of the Spheres’ in 1543 and rocked the world. He introduced the concept of Heliocentrism, that is placing the Sun at the centre of the universe, which heralded the beginning of modern astronomy. Or so it is regarded.

Kepler: Pioneer of Science or the Last Pythagorean?                     Bernard Eccles

Johannes Kepler (1591-1630), like Nicolaus Copernicus and Isaac Newton, is often regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern science, particularly astronomy. But, just as with Newton, his scientific discoveries were a by-product of his philosophical interests, shaped by a very Pythagorean cosmology where geometry, music, number and astronomy were all expressions of the same reality.

Longitude: John Flamsteed’s Challenge                                          Gill Dorren

In 1675 Charles II commanded John Flamsteed to ‘the rectifying of the tables of the heavens and the places of the fixed stars, so as to find out the so much desired longitude of places for the perfecting of the art of navigation’. So began the quest to find ‘Longitude’ by the British, which led to the building of The Royal Observatory, the foundation of the Greenwich Meridian, and the Harrison Clocks.

A Shift in Time                                                                                     Chris Mitchell

Pope Gregory XIII introduced calendar change in the 16th century, but Eurosceptic England wasn’t having any truck with that sort of foreign nonsense, and waited nearly two centuries before begrudgingly following suit (1752), skipping 11 days in the process

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Time Table for the Day

10:00 Log in and Opening address by President Israel Ajose, and Host throughout
10:30 Wanda Sellar:  Heliocentrism: The Life of Nicolaus Copernicus                                                
11:30 Questions/changeover/break
11:45  Bernard Eccles: Kepler: Pioneer of Science or the Last Pythagorean?                 
12:45  Questions
13:00  Lunch break
13:45 Gill Dorren: Longitude: John Flamsteed’s Challenge
14:45  Questions/changeover/break
15:00  Chris Mitchell: A Shift in Time
16:00 Questions and general questions of all speakers