9th September

7:00   From Astrolabes to Zijes (1)                                                      Chris Mitchell

How Arabic science brought horoscopes to England. After the decline of the Roman Empire, knowledge of astrology almost disappeared in Western Europe. In the ninth century, English scholars knew that Venus had something to do with love. By the twelfth century, they were drawing up accurate charts, knew about house systems, and could do sophisticated chart analysis, and a few decades later this was on the curriculum in the new universities. In this talk, Chris Mitchell will look at what caused this explosion of astrological knowledge.

8:30  From Astrolable to Zijes (2)                                                        Chris Mitchell

Biography: Chris Mitchell has had a life-long interest in astrology, and is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Leicester looking at Jewish and Arabic influences in English medieval astrology. He holds the Diploma in Medieval Astrology from Astrologos and has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University College. He is a regular speaker at a number of astrology groups and conferences worldwide, and has written a number of published articles both for astrological publications and the local press.

16th September 

7:00 Ancient Astrology Techniques                                                  Christos Archos                                                             

Since the dawn of civilization astrology was an important part of the world and leaders were consulting priests and magicians who knew the astrological principles for their future.  Astrology from the Babylonian years to early Renaissance had many techniques that were very useful for an astrologer to understand and predict from a natal chart. In this lecture we are going only to scratch the surface of this knowledge by knowing the basic techniques that were developed from the Dawn of Astrology till 1500 A.D

8:30  Generations, family and personality                                       Christos Archos

Understanding biology, family fate and influence in our personal context.
In this talk we are going to understand the basic concepts of generational astrology and how it affects our life but also within that context we will understand how our families (biological and environmental factors) affect our personality. Most importantly how we get out from all of this if needed.                                                            

Biography: Christos Archos was born in Athens in 1982 and has a background in Counselling, Family and Clinical Psychology. He has worked extensively with psychological astrology and synastry.  He is the VP for ISAR in Greece and the President of the Mediterranean and Balkan Astrology Research Centre. His website is

23rd September

7:00   Carter Memorial                                                       Sue Merlyn Farebrother

Cosmic Jokerman

Are we all subject to a Cosmic Joke? How come that all the tools of astrology fit with our experience? How is it that we are born, a little innocent creature, at a specific date, time and worldly place? We are immediately blessed with not only a birth chart that will encapsulate our character, but a lifetime of transits and so on every year, for the whole of our lives to come? This lecture may raise more questions than it answers!

Biography: Sue Merlyn Farebrother, DFAstrolS, MA Sue has been a professional astrologer and tarot consultant for more than 30 years in private practice in London, UK. She teaches astrology at Foundation and Intermediate level for the Faculty of Astrological Studies. She also teaches courses on beginners and advanced tarot, and on astrological techniques, at the London School of Astrology. Sue gained a distinction for her Cultural Astronomy and Astrology MA dissertation on Tarot and Astrology in 2007. Her beginners’ book, Astrology Decoded, was published in 2013 by Rider to critical acclaim and is a Faculty/LSA recommended book. She is currently working on her next astrology book for Rider Books, The Astrology Forecasting Guide, which is about how to do astrological forecasting, to be published in Autumn 2019.

8:30   Ritual                                                                                        

30th September

7:00  The Versailles Treaty                                                                Jadranka Coic

It is a hundred years since the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The three most important politicians present were David Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau and Woodrow Wilson. Did it transform the world into a better place?

Biography:  Jadranka Coic  was born and raised in Croatia and, in 1991, moved to London. She works as an accountant but spends her free time either practising astrology or growing vegetables on her allotment in accordance with Moon cycles. Jadranka started to study astrology more than fifteen years ago with The Faculty of Astrological Studies. She was the Lodge’s Treasurer and is currently the Beginner’s Class Tutor, as well as organiser of the annual Astrology and Healing Seminar.

8:30  Stars in the Sky                                                                                Alison Kelly

A selection of charts of those who have passed in 2019.

Biography: Alison has been a member of the Astrological Lodge for 20 years, serving on the committee in various roles for many of these. She is a keen amateur astrologer and hopes to be able to spend more time on this now she has retired!  

7th October                             

7:00  Karmic Synastry (1)                                                                 Zsuzanna Griga

Theory and practise of karmic synastry: do past life experiences impact on relationships? Can we categorise relationships with astrological tools? Is my partner a soul sibling, a soulmate, or a twin flame, and if yes, what can I do about it?

8:30 Karmic Synastry (2)                                                                   Zsuzanna Griga Biography: Zsuzsanna Griga has been practicing karmic astrology for 25 years. She teaches and works with clients in Budapest and in London. In Budapest she opened a healing centre in 2000, and also manages Clear Brook College of Parapsychology since 2003. She has named her astrological concept “Transcendental Karmic Astrology” as it uncovers the hidden karmic layers of the natal chart with the help of the asteroids, Trans-Neptunians, and fixed stars. The discovery and naming of the new celestial objects, the dwellers of the Asteroid Belt and the Kuiper Belt, is an ongoing process; as soon as another one is spotted and named mankind becomes aware of its workings. When you name something you give it a destiny, which will reflect back to you – a well-known psychological fact. Why is it important to uncover the hidden layers of a birth chart, you may wonder. Because the past influences the present, and by bringing it to the surface, by understanding and tackling it, the present incarnation can become a better, happier, healthier one. As a karmic astrologer, this is Zsuzsanna’s creed.

14th October

7:00  Fixed Stars: The Pleiades                                                                 Gill Dorren

All you’ve ever wanted to know about the Pleiades. This small constellation close to Taurus appears to have had a profound effect on civilisations, old and new. Gill will go through the myth and the science of this enigmatic star cluster and its influence on astrology and cosmology.

Biography: Gill has been studying astrology and Cosmology for many years and as an Aquarian, with Scorpio rising,  is actually looking forward to the dawning of a new age and is intrigued with so many great people trying to predict the end of the World as we know it. Gill Dorren is Treasurer of the Lodge and has been studying and practising Astrology for 30 years. She has particular interests in Cosmology (past and present) and is keen to fuse astrology with current cosmological theory. And has given many lectures on this at the Lodge. She also loves the history of the 17th century and helped organise the Astrologers Feast to celebrate the Lodges’ centenary at the Painters Hall, the original venue from the 17th century.

8:30 A Gallery of Murder (1)                                                                 Wanda Sellar

Astrological profiling of crime scenes and criminals

Biography:   Wanda Sellar, Dip.Astrol. Q.H.P. is a past president of the Astrological Lodge, and its current program organiser.  She has edited the A.A.’s ‘Astrology & Medicine Newsletter for 22 years, as well as written three books on astrology: The Consultation Chart, Introduction to Medical Astrology and Introduction to Decumbiture. She is currently writing Chart Shapes: Code to Interpretation. She is also the principal of the Iceni Medical Astrology Course.

21st October 30th

7:00. Women of the Computer Age                                                     Derek Norcott

Looking at the lives and charts of Ada Lovelace, Sophie Wilson and ‘Amazing Grace’ Hopper.

Biography: : Derek Norcott has studied and researched astrology since 1969. He is self-educated and has a large collection of books on astrology. He has attended the Astrological Lodge religiously since 2001, has presented occasional seminars at the Lodge, and has written various articles for the Quarterly. Derek is a past member of the Astrological Association. He worked in IT for two decades as an analysis-programmer, and as database and web support. For leisure, he enjoys web development and typesetting using LATEX. He keeps a diary and urges other astrologers to do the same, as it is an invaluable method for testing astrology to one’s personal satisfaction.

8:30  A Gallery of Murder  (2)                                                               Wanda Sellar

Astrological profiling of crime scenes and criminals.

Biography:   Wanda Sellar, Dip.Astrol. Q.H.P. is a past president of the Astrological Lodge, and its current program organiser.  She has edited the A.A.’s ‘Astrology & Medicine Newsletter for 22 years, as well as written three books on astrology: The Consultation Chart, Introduction to Medical Astrology and Introduction to Decumbiture. She is currently writing Chart Shapes: Code to Interpretation. She is also the principal of the Iceni Medical Astrology Course.

28th October

7:00    The Capricorn Conjunction Generation – How Will They Stamp Their Authority on the Course of History?                                         Lianne McCafferty

A look at this vast generation born in the late 1980’s & early 1990’s which is now entering its first Saturn Return. Who are they, what will they bring to the world & what challenges may they face? How will planetary cycles impact them during the next few years?

Biography: Lianne McCafferty holds the Mayo Diploma (Distinction) in both Natal and Mundane, and now tutors for the Mayo. UK based, she is a practising Astrologer, writer and speaker with a wide range of Astrological interests. As a former professional sportsperson and coach she is particularly interested in the use of Astrology to help enhance a sport performance.


8:30  A Gallery of Murder (3)                                                               Wanda Sellar

Astrological profiling of crime scenes and criminals.

Biography:   Wanda Sellar, Dip.Astrol. Q.H.P. is a past president of the Astrological Lodge, and its current program organiser.  She has edited the A.A.’s ‘Astrology & Medicine Newsletter for 22 years, as well as written three books on astrology: The Consultation Chart, Introduction to Medical Astrology and Introduction to Decumbiture. She is currently writing Chart Shapes: Code to Interpretation. She is also the principal of the Iceni Medical Astrology Course.

4th November

7:00  Why use midpoints?                                                                Lucien Windrich

A look at the traditional view of midpoints involving the ‘hard’ 8 harmonic aspects vs a more radical point of view involving the ‘soft’ trine and sextile aspects, and why these midpoint configurations should not be overlooked. Example charts will include the midpoints of the outer planets UR, NE and PL.

Biography: Lucien has been a professional musician for many years and began studying astrology in the early 90’s. He completed the Diploma with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1994, and for a few years worked as a production editor for the Astrology Quarterly. Lucien is currently researching the golden section in astrology, and the significance of floating lumps of rock in the Kuiper Belt.  He has a degree in anthropology, and lives in London with his wife and three children.

8:30  Guido Bonatti: his life and times, and astrology                      James O’Reilly

Flyer: A review of the background to the great astrologer’s life, and an examination of his charts.

A review of the background to the great astrologer’s life, and an examination of his charts.

Biography: James has been an active member of the Astrological Lodge for 30 years and has spoken at other groups namely Bromley Astrology Association, and The Charlton House Astrology Group which he helped to run. At the moment his main interest is Vedic Astrology, particularly the Nakshatras. 

11th November

7:00    Aversions                                    Israel Ajose

Aversions: in this lecture I will be demonstrating this ancient Hellenistic technique on how aversion operates and is interpreted in our natal charts. Two planets or two signs are said to be in aversion when they are in signs that are not configured to each other by any of the five Ptolemaic aspects  (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition). Aversion is the dark partner of aspects, and occurs when two signs are not related by aspect, so that planets in them cannot see each other, and when a planet in a sign cannot see its own sign. Aversion also helps explain the challenging and negative meanings of the four traditional difficult houses: 2nd, 6th, and the 8th and 12th.

8:30 Fate, Fortune and Prosperity (1)                                                     Israel Ajose

Destiny versus free will is often a question that pops up when looking at astrology charts. Looking at ways to see and predict our fate and fortune in the natal chart has always been an essential and profound part of astrology. In this 3 lecture series I will be looking at both traditional and modern techniques of how to pinpoint the fate and fortune of our careers, finances, Romance, love life etc

Biography: Israel Ajose D.Psych.Astro  is an astrological teacher, transpersonal therapist consultant, and director of Astrology of the (Psyche) Soul, and has been practicing since 2007, after studying and completing full honours in psychological astrology at The Centre of Psychological Astrology. He is also the current secretary for the Astrological Lodge of London.

18th November

7:00  Making the Most of Minor Aspects Part II                           Priscilla Costello

Many modern astrologers are now using minor aspects, not just
semi-sextiles and quincunxes, but also the less well-known aspects.  After
a review of quintiles (5ths) covered last spring, we’ll look at 7ths,
9ths, 10ths, and 11ths.  What do these mean symbolically and practically
and what do they contribute to understanding the deeper meanings of your

Biography: Priscilla Costello M.A., Dipl. CAAE, is a counselling astrologer,
teacher, lecturer, and writer with a professional astrological practice
spanning over 30 years. She has spoken widely throughout the U.S. and
Canada, at numerous conferences sponsored by NCGR, AFA, SOTA, and UAC. She
has been involved in professional astrological organizations in Canada
(The Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers and the Canadian Association for
Astrological Education) and in the U.S. (the National Council for
Geocosmic Research). Founder and Director of The New Alexandria, a center
for religious, spiritual, and esoteric studies, she is the author of “The
Weiser Concise Guide to Practical Astrology” (2008), a unique introduction
to the basics of astrology linking it to psychology, religion, and
esoteric wisdom. Her latest book is “Shakespeare and the Stars: the Hidden
Astrological Keys to Understanding the World’s Greatest Playwright” (Ibis
Press, 2016)  To learn more, see OR

8:30 Fate, Fortune and Prosperity (2)                                                     Israel Ajose 

How much say and influence do we have over our natal charts? Looking at ways to see and predict our fate and fortune in the natal chart has always been an essential and profound part of astrology. I will be looking at a few very powerful traditional and modern techniques of how to pinpoint and predict the fate and fortune of our careers, finances, romance, love life etc

Biography: Biography: Israel Ajose D.Psych.Astro  is an astrological teacher, transpersonal therapist consultant, and director of Astrology of the (Psyche) Soul, and has been practicing since 2007, after studying and completing full honours in psychological astrology at The Centre of Psychological Astrology. He is also the current secretary for the Astrological Lodge of London.

25th November

7:00   Dedicated Followers of Fashion                                     Christina Rodenbeck

From the bustle to the miniskirt, beards to dreadlocks, tattoos to bell-bottoms, the changing world of fashion is more sensitive to the movements of the planets than almost any other sphere. Fashion is a visual reflection of our collective emotions, our desires, our dreams, our fears and aspirations. Once you understand this, you can see how fashion can make astrology, the spirit of the times visible, seen through the refracting lens of specific designer’s charts. We’ll look at the charts of Alexander McQueen, Elsa Schiaparelli, Issey Miyake (among others) — and try to figure out what might be coming next — and why certain looks right now are so very fashionable.

Biography: Christina Rodenbeck writes The Oxford Astrologer, one of the most influential astrology blogs on the internet.  She’s been a consulting astrologer for more than a decade, with loyal clients from all corners of the world. She’s also the fashion correspondent for The Astrological Journal and writes a regular column, Phenomena, for Infinity Astrology Magazine. She co-hosts a monthly astrology podcast with Sally Kirkman: Sally and Christina Talk Astrology.

8:30 Fate, Fortune and Prosperity (3)                                                     Israel Ajose

Love, money, career, children and many forms of happiness are very often the things that we seek when looking into our natal charts, the question is are we totally fated to the life that we are living or do we have a say in the steering of our destiny, in this lecture we will be diving into some of the most ancient and most powerful chart interpretations and predictive techniques in order to get a greater understanding of what our birth charts are showing us and how best we can perhaps deal with it.

Biography: Israel Ajose D.Psych.Astrol  is an astrological teacher, transpersonal therapist consultant, and director of Astrology of the (Psyche) Soul, and has been practicing since 2007, after studying and completing full honours in psychological astrology at The Centre of Psychological Astrology. He is also the current secretary for the Astrological Lodge of London.

 2nd December

7:00   2020: the 1980s, all over again?                                              Bernard Eccles

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction closes the Jupiter-Saturn-in-earth-signs sequence for another six or seven centuries. The age of coal, iron, steam, industry and cars is over – which means that the tensions around the Gulf of Hormuz may be the precursor to the last war ever fought over oil! Note, too, the echo of the Iranian revolution at the very end of the 1970s, as Jupiter and Saturn approached their first air sign conjunction since the Middle Ages. Iran is humming with Jup-Sat resonance, and the US is having its Pluto return. H’mm. Saturn-Pluto in 1982 changed the social fabric of the UK, leading to riots and demonstrations. Saturn was in detriment when the two planets met in 1914 and 1947, but in 1982, in Libra, it was exalted. Good for right-wingers, poor for the left. This time it’s in its rulership, and whatever it brings, we have to live with it until 2053. More riots and unrest? Pretty much guaranteed.

Biography: Bernard Eccles is a writer and teacher of many years experience, a former President and a Life  Member of the Astrological Lodge. Although he lecturers regularly at the Faculty Summer School and at conferences nationwide, he still regards the ALL as his astrological home, having been a member since 1978.

8:30 PARTY!


NEXT MEETING   13 January 2020








Summer 2019 Programme

29th April 2019

7pm and 8:30pm – The Astrological Soul: A Study of Eastern Astrology and Philosophy – Pandit Sanjay Rath

The founding question of all religions is: Where do the dear ones go after life? A quandary contemplated by generations, arriving at the notion of Atman or individual soul. The atman – bound by ropes called Karma – is forced to rebirth, to process the karma, and learns to untangle these ropes. To better understand atman and our karmic ties, the significance of the KIng of the Chart, Atmakaraka and Minister and other Significators or Chara Karakas is explored from a Vedic Astrology perspective.

Biography: Pandit Sanjay Rath

13th May
7:00pm – The Warsaw Uprising – Wanda Sellar

It is 75 years since the 1944 Uprising in Occupied Poland. We shall look at the Event chart and the charts of two heroic figures connected to the Polish Underground.

Biography: Wanda Sellar

8:30pm – The Life and Loves of Frida Kahlo – Jadranka Coic

A remarkable artist, as well as the muse of Diego Riviera and Leon Trotsky.

Biography: Jadranka Coic

20th May
7:00pm – Astrology Investment Strategies – Christeen Skinner

Astrological investment strategies and money in the horoscope.
The chart for this evening, as the Sun and Mercury move into the ‘commercial’ sign of Gemini, whilst Venus and Uranus move through Taurus (accenting financial desire) and Mars moves through Cancer (with possible anxiety about resources), it seems fitting to talk about money ‘the root of all evil’ and how we might take a healthy approach to its management.

Biography: Christeen Skinner

8:30pm – Love and Conception (1) – Wade Caves

Love and Conception
Exploring Relationship Issues through Horary. The bread and butter of a horary astrologer’s practice, relationship questions are not technically difficult but can offer unique challenges in consultation. As astrologers, how do we take what we see in a chart and turn that into something meaningful for a client? What are the common pitfalls in relationship chart consultation, and how can we allow the astrology to work through us in a clearer, more direct way? In this presentation we will assess horaries relating to relationships and pregnancy to see reliable first principles at work, with a focus on the pragmatic nature of interpersonal counselling.

Biography: Wade Caves

3rd June
7:00pm – Making the Most of Minor Aspects – Priscilla Costello

Over the centuries, minor aspects have been added to the basic Ptolemaic set of conjunction, opposition, square, trine, and sextile. Many modern astrologers now use semi-sextiles, quintiles, and quincunxes. What do quintiles and other, less well-known aspects (7ths, 9ths, 10ths, and 11ths) mean symbolically and practically? We’ll look at both the theory and practical application of a wider range of aspects than the usual ones.

Biography: Priscilla Costello

8:30pm – Love and Conception (2) -Wade Caves

Biography: Wade Caves

10th June
7:00pm – Nama Aksara or Sound of your Name – Sonal Sachdeva

This is the key to your life’s themes. Starting letter of your name activates a certain part of your natal chart. Find what seed sounds or Beeja are good for your wellbeing.

Biography: Sonal Sachdeva

8:30pm – Love and Conception (3) -Wade Caves

Biography: Wade Caves

17th June
7:00pm – Financial Astrology and W.D. Gann – Olga Morales

No other historical Wall Street trader and forecaster has been an enigma quite like W.D. Gann. He discovered the sacred geometry in cyclic planetary patterns that influence not only speculative markets but also the tides of generations and countries. As a legacy to future generations of traders, he left behind courses, books, charts and some teachings of a cryptic and esoteric nature – like his novel, The Tunnel Thru the Air (TTTA). Gain insights into his major forecasting cycles.

Biography: Olga Morales

8:30pm – Interpreting the Rulers of the Houses and Timing their Activation – Chris Brennan

One of the keys to chart delineation is learning how to interpret the rulers of the 12 houses when they are in different houses. For example, what does it mean when the ruler of the 7th house is in the 11th house, or when ruler of the 10th is in the 9th? In this lecture attendees will learn how to interpret these placements, as well as how to identify when the topics associated with them will become activated at specific times in the life of the native by using a timing technique known as annual profections.

Biography: Chris Brennan

24th June
7:00pm – Astrology and the Psychology of Selves – Rebekah Hirsch

This is the theory that every person’s psyche is made up of many different sub-personalities. As the psychosynthesis therapist Pierro Ferrucci says Each of us is a crowd. We all have our habitual ways of being, characteristics that we feel safe to express and these are known as the Primary Selves: But often some kind of Pleaser or Pusher or Protector. But we also have characteristics that we feel are not acceptable – our shadow selves referred to as the Disowned Selves. Watching over all this and deciding which selves are and are not acceptable is the fearful figure of the Judge or the Inner Critic. Usually this whole system of Primaries, Disowned energies and Critics is set up to conceal and protect our vulnerable selves such as the Inner Child. Working with the Psychology of Selves in a process known as Voice Dialogue, we can get to know all of these selves including making space to hear from Disowned and Vulnerable Selves and to discover the importance and value of the energy they hold. Of course this theory fits perfectly with astrology. In a horoscope we can see all of it – the primary selves, the disowned selves and the vulnerable selves. Understanding the process of Voice Dialogue can be immensely helpful to an astrologer as a way of communicating the paradoxes and polarities of the horoscope – the dance of the Selves – the theatre of the archetypes that is astrology.

Biography: Rebekah Hirsch

8:30pm – The Mysterious 8th House – Martin Sebastian Moritz

The 8th house fascinates with its complexity. It is an umbrella under which we find sexuality, seduction, entanglement, the underworld, the values of others, taboos, inheritance, debts, but also guilt, shame and possessiveness, death, transformation and reincarnation. A glimpse behind the mirror.

Biography: Martin Sebastian Moritz

1st July
7:00pm – The Moon Landing – Gill Dorren

Fifty years ago – on 20 July 1969 – Neil Armstrong took that one small step on the Moon which became a giant leap for mankind.

Biography: Gill Dorren

8:30pm – Three American Presidents – Jadranka Coic, Wanda Sellar, Lucien Windrich

Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter.

Biography: Lucien Windrich

8th July
7:00pm – The Progressed Sun: Who Are We Becoming? – Mj Patterson

As a predictor, the Progressed Moon gets all the glory, but the Progressed Sun, as the Evolving Self has its own story to tell. Let’s explore how the Sun moves through signs and houses, what happens when it converses with (aspects) other planets and how we can use this information to map our way forward

8:30pm – Trip Charts – Mj Patterson

How to choose a chart for smooth sailing on any trip you undertake, even choose a chart to suit the purpose of the trip.

Biography: Mj Patterson

15th July
7:00pm – Cancer, Capricorn and Stonehenge – Jessica Adams

Cancer and Capricorn season – when the Sun moves into both signs and stands still – are tied to the Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice at Stonehenge around 22nd June and 22nd December. In Australia, an Aboriginal stone arrangement called Wurdi Youang, called Australia’s Stonehenge, also marks Capricorn and Cancer season, even though the first Australians did not use that zodiac. The Sun is no longer even in front of these constellations in mid-June and mid-December now, yet why is that for thousands of years Midsummer and Midwinter have reflected Cancer and Capricorn themes? Come along to pick up a new Stonehenge Astrology audio walking tour and enjoy some Stonehenge cake at the summer party.

Biography: Jessica Adams

8:30 PARTY!

The Autumn term will begin on 9th September 2019.

Spring 2019 Programme

7:00 The Year Ahead – Wendy Stacey

Wendy will consider transits and the upcoming planetary climate to see how we can make creative use of the energies around us in the coming year, in particular, building up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn the following January.

Biography: Wendy Stacey

8:30 The Heroes of Bletchley Park – Derek Norcott

There were many heroes at Bletchley during WW11, however, three stand out: Turing, Tutte and Flowers. They saved England and its allies from defeat and kick started the computer age, yet all three were treated badly after the war. I shall be examining their charts.

Biography: Derek Norcott

21st January

7:00 Karmic Aspects and Configurations – Szuzsanna Griga

Aspects are the electric wiring of the chart, and whenever they form configurations the sum total is exponentially larger as they are the driving force behind everything in karmic astrology.

Biography: Zsuzsanna Griga


8:30 Relationships (1) – Natalie Delahaye

Relationships are what makes the world go round. They come in all shapes and sizes. Natalie will look at the relationship potential and patterns in the natal chart and how these evolve and change with time.

Biography: Natalie Delahaye

28th January

7:00 Somewhere to Call Home – Mandi Lockley

The 1930 Housing Act, with transiting Pluto Conjunct the UK’s 10th House Cancer Moon, transformed housing with slum clearances and the construction of 700,000 state-owned homes. This talk tracks UK housing up to the present time with transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposing its 1930 placement and the UK Moon, with the fall of Grenfell Tower a tragic motif for the current housing crisis.

Biography: Mandi Lockley

8:30 Relationships (2) – Natalie Delahaye

Relationships can be for a reason, a season or a lifetime. In this session, we will look at connections between 2 people through their synastry and composite charts.

Biography: Natalie Delahaye

4th February

7:00 The Astrology of a New Vision of Capitalism – Roy Gillett

A lot has happened to the world economy since Roy last spoke on it to the Lodge in 2010. Earth stelliums bringing speculative obsessions ‘down to earth’ will dominate from 2018 through 2020. Present financial policies are unrealistic attempts to sustain a system past its sell-by date. Will Pluto-in-Aquarius period that will follow be worse or better? Does astrology suggest that the changes we now face are as, if not more, radical than those at the end of the neolithic period, five to six thousand years ago?

Biography: Roy Gillett

8:30 Relationships (3) – Natalie Delahaye

A look at the history of relationships throughout the ages, through the lens f astrology. Natalie will explore the generational planets and relationships in the 21st century and beyond.

Biography: Natalie Delahaye

11th February

7:00 Reflections – Ana Isabel

In this talk, Ana Isabel explores the nature of relationships and how they can be better understood through synastry charts.

Biography: Ana Isabel

8:30 Earth Signs: Taurus – Gill Dorren

A Review.

Biography: Gill Dorren

18th February

7:00 The Sky God Uranus – Jadranka Coic

Banished by his wife and sons, Uranus seemed to have disappeared from consciousness until its planetary namesake was discovered in 1781. Let’s review.

Biography: Jadranka Coic

8:30 Earth Signs: Capricorn – Wanda Sellar

A Review.

Biography: Wanda Sellar

25th February

7:00 Wisdom by Design – Christina Rodenbeck

The goddess asteroids are extremely useful for determining vocation and social contracts in individual charts. Find out how the cool, calm and collected asteroid of wisdom, Pallas Athena, works in real charts — and bring your own. I’ll be bringing a lot of examples — particularly of astrologers’ charts.

Biography: Christina Rodenbeck

8:30 Earth Signs: Virgo – Marilena Marino

A Review.

Biography: Marilena Marino

4th March

7:00 Picatrix – Chris Mitchell

Picatrix is a 1000 year old grimoire of astrological magic, originally written in Arabic but translated into Spanish and Latin in the 13th century. Picatrix went on to become a highly influential book in the Renaissance and later – William Lilly was given a copy written by Elias Ashmole. Chris Mitchell will look at this ancient tome and show you how you can find true love, summon demons and forge magical talismans using everyday ingredients such as diamonds and leopard fat.

Biography: Chris Mitchell

8:30 Jyotish for Western Astrologers (1) – Adam Smith

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Biography: Adam Smith

11th March

7:00 The Growing Pains of Harry Potter – Alex Trenoweth

Could J.K. Rowling, the world’s most successful author, be an astrologer? Examining the themes of Rowling’s seven-book series about The Boy Who Lived, professional astrologer and English teacher Alex Trenoweth combines the author’s fictional descriptions with her own research into astrology and education. Harry Potter may be a wizard in the minds of Muggles but astrologically, is he just an ordinary teenager?

Biography: Alex Trenoweth

8:30 Jyotish for Western Astrologers (2) – Adam Smith

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Biography: Adam Smith

18th March

7:00 Astrology in the World of Non-Astrologers – Kim Farnell

Astrologers often work as if they are from a parallel universe; they live in the astrological world while ordinary people inhabit another. However, astrology is sprinkled throughout popular culture. We’ll take a tour through astrology in some surprising places during the last 60 years, including manga, computer games and television.

Biography: Kim Farnell

8:30 AGM

25th March

7:00 The Power of Mercury – Israel Ajose

The messenger of the gods is perhaps on many levels one of the most important planets in our charts, over the years it may seem as if this quick, swift and cunning deity has been overlooked, in this lecture I will be showing the powers of mercury in the birth chart and how we can utilise his gifts more effectively to connect us to the gods, planetary archetypes and the wider universe

Biography: Israel Ajose

8:30 Ritual

Next Term starts on 29th April

Autumn 2018 Programme

17th September

7:00  1918: The End of WW1                                                               Jadranka Coic

Arms were laid down on 11th hour, the 11th day, of the 11th month 100 years ago. How did the chart bode for future peace?

Biography: Jadranka Coic

8:30  1918: Medicine in the field, WW1                                               Wanda Sellar

What medical measures were taken during the conflict? What was the nature of injuries? Did Spanish ‘Flu spread because of the war?  With appropriate charts.

Biography: Wanda Sellar

24th September

7:00 Kala Sarpa Yoga – The serpent of time                            Vijaya Subramanian

It happens when all the planets from the Sun to the Saturn are hemmed between the nodes of Moon splitting the Zodiac into two. People born with this pattern find themselves bound by the events in their life and will undergo restlessness until the nodes reach the age of maturity. Rahu in the front gives rise to a materialistic life, and Ketu in the front will lead to spirituality. This necklace like pattern in the sky also plays an important role in world events.

Vijaya Jyoti

8:30  Remarkable Women                                                                        Alison Kelly

It is a hundred years since women got the vote (partial). We shall examine the chart of Emmeline Pankhurst and other remarkable women.

Biography: Alison has been a member of the Lodge for several years, serving on the committee for many of them.


1st October

7:00 Carter Memorial Lecture , Into the Labyrinth of Stars                                                         Lynn Bell

For millennia, astrology has used the light of the stars to follow the twists and turns of fate – each branch of the art guiding in different ways.  As Uranus enters Taurus, jolting the earth, what forces will we encounter at the centre of the labyrinth?

Biography: Lynn Bell

8:30  Sun-Moon Angles (1)                                                               Sonal Sachdeva     

The Day of the week you are born on and various combinations that are pivotal themes for your health and Relationships is called Panchanga, the 5 Limbs of time, which gives you literally a perspective on your entire life, even without delving into your birth chart!

Biography: Sonal Sachdeva


8th October

7:00  Charting the Soul: Five Stages of Incarnation                           Rebekah Hirsch

In this talk will be meeting the archetypes of the planets as guides on the different stages of the soul’s journey from the realms of spirit into the physical world. This voyage ranges from Uranus and Mercury – guardians of the remote cosmic realms of the mind, the ideal and the idea – through to Venus and Saturn who bring us right down into the joys and the limitations of the body and life in the manifest world.

Biography: Rebekah Hirsch

8:30   Sun-Moon Angles (2)                                                               Sonal Sachdeva     



15th October

7:00 Albion 15760: Prominence and Privilege                               Lucien Windrich

The first Kuiper Belt object discovered 26 years ago has been officially named Albion after the primeval man in William Blake’s mythology.  What might it mean astrologically? As the first classical Kuiper Belt object to be discovered since Pluto and the comet Charon, it heralded a new beginning for astrology online when it was discovered in 1992. We explore the possible astrological significance of this small icy cubewano beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Biography: Lucien Windrich

8:30    Planetary Magic yantras/Talismans.                                     Sonal Sachdeva

‘Yantras’ or Mandalas are sacred geometric patterns with great healing properties. These have been in use in ancient India for thousands of years to alleviate troublesome transits and appease the planetary gods. For e.g a tough Saturn’s transit to the natal Moon, goddess Kali’s yantra is invoked. We discover a world of hidden import in patterns and it’s uses.



22nd October

7:00 Draconic Astrology                                                                    Patricia Godden

Draconic Astrology indicates a deeper level of consciousness of the soul and ideals the soul is striving to attain. Illustrations are shown and examples used to demonstrate this deeper level and how the soul is guiding the physical life for individuals, organisations and nations.

Biography: Patricia Godden

8:30  AGM


29th October

7:00  The Astro-Organiser: Organise your life with astrology        Derek Norcott

Astrological symbolism has become second-nature to you, so why not use it to organise your life. I shall show you how to use it to structure the folders and bookmarks on your computer; create a life-plan; memorise lists; organise your work ... and more.

Biography: Derek Norcott

8:30   Israel Ajose                                                                                

5th November

7:00   Gunpowder, Treason and Plot                                                       Gill Dorren

It’s Guy Fawkes night, so Gill will be giving the astrological history of this infamous plot which we remember this time every year. And there will be fireworks !!!

Biography: Gill Dorren

8:30  Israel Ajose                       

Biography: Israel Ajose

12th November                                                                                           

7:00  The Fire houses                                                                                 Israel Ajose

Recognising and understanding the 1st, 5th and 9th houses is very crucial in the natal chart and maybe the most important of all the houses, I will be highlighting how we can reach a maximum potential, activate and recognise our true enlightenment in this incarnation.

Biography: Israel Ajose

8:30  Jadranka Coic                                                                      

Biography: Jadranka Coic

19th November

7:00 #DeleteFacebook – The Astrology of an Unravelling            Marilena Marino

Facebook is one of the most profitable organisations in the world, with over a billion users globally. But will it last? Revelations of gross misuse of personal data have shaken its foundations, threatening the downfall of one of the most powerful technology platforms in the world. An exploration of the astrology behind Facebook’s success and the dramatic developments over the last year.

Biography: Marilena Marino

8:30  Ritual


26th November

7:00 Chiron in Aries: Light on the Warrior                                 Melanie Reinhart

On April 17th 2018, Chiron entered Aries, re-entering Pisces on September 26th 2018; the second Aries ingress will occur on February 18th 2019. Chiron reaches Aphelion (furthest point from the Sun) on May 27th, 2021. We explore the symbolism and meaning of Chiron in transition from Pisces to Aries, ruled by Mars. What does this energy bring to a world so troubled by negative manifestations of the Mars energy? What kind of Warrior is this?

Chiron in Aries: A Guided Journey                                   Melanie Reinhart

A guided imagery process, offering the opportunity to enter our personal healing space within. There will be time to de-brief the experience, and you are invited to share your own chart and life stories, reflecting on the transits of Chiron in Pisces/Aries.

3rd December                                                                                   

7:00  Forwards and Backwards                                                          Bernard Eccles

A look forward not only to the dark clouds now gathering in Capricorn, but to the happier times to come in the 2020s. Plus a look back at a few dire indications from decades past: were they really that bad, in the end?’

Biography: Bernard Eccles

8:30 Party!                                                                                     


Spring Term Begins 14th January 2019