The Astrological Lodge of London presents             

Come and plan your goals and targets astrologically and enjoy the Saturn/Pluto conjunction with fellow astrologers!

Sunday the 12th of January 2020 at
The Theosophical Society
50 Gloucester Place, London, W1U 8E
* Doors open 9.30am for tea/coffee


Sue Farebrother: Tarot and your year ahead, how can the Tarot help us to navigate the new year and provide us with an insight as to what challenges or obstacles might lie ahead
Kim Farnell: Amulets, these are worn or carried to give you an extra boost and Astrology is part of the process of making a powerful amulet to achieve your goals.  Not only can you select the correct materials astrologically you can also use astrological symbols to choose the optimum time for creating your amulet
Gill Dorren: Astrology & Diet looking at the 1st, 2nd and 6th Houses in the natal chart to see if they can guide you as to the best diet for you.  This will be a practical and in-depth lecture followed by lunch!
Israel Ajose: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto conjunction and the Year 2020 and how this will provide opportunities to make significant changes in our lives.  As these planetary activities seem to reflect very heavy, serious and changing times, find out how we can utilise these cosmic alignments to our advantage in regards to our own natal charts.
Marcos Patchett: Our guest speaker will be Marcos Patchett (http://marcostheherbalist.com/) talking on “Prescribing from the birth chart” – using astrology to help select treatments and regimes to maintain good health.

GBP35-members concession

Asteroid Day and Astrology Oracle cards with Jessica Adams

Asteroid Day & Astrology Oracle cards with Jessica Adams

Saturday 18 May 2019

50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA

Doors open at 9.30am, talks start at 10 and the day ends at 4.30pm.

Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams

Like tarot cards, Astrology Oracle cards can be used to answer questions and predict the future. Together with medium Nikki Dore, Jessica Adams (www.jessicaadams.com) will show you how the cards work. Prepare to be amazed!

The Astrology Oracle has 46 cards; 12 house cards and 34 symbol cards. Of these, the asteroids are extremely important. The deck is an accurate divination tool, but it’s also a quick way to learn the meaning of the asteroids if you also want to start using them in natal chart readings. You can use the cards to brainstorm solutions for issues you or your client may be having. You can also use them to forecast the month or the year ahead.

Take home your own Astrology Oracle cards to use at home, along with a free guidebook download – plus see your full birth chart (with asteroids) on the day, if you don’t yet have it.

£45 for Lodge members and £50 for non-members

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Biography: Jessica Adams

The Astrological Soul: A Study of Eastern Astrology and Philosophy – Pandit Sanjay Rath

The Astrological Soul: A Study of Eastern Astrology and Philosophy – Pandit Sanjay Rath

29th April 2019, at 7pm

Join us for a full evening with Pandit Sanjay Rath on 29th of April 2019. One of the leading lights in Jyotish astrology!

“The founding question of all religions is: Where do the dear ones go after life? A quandary contemplated by generations, arriving at the notion of Atman or individual soul. The atman – bound by ropes called Karma – is forced to rebirth, to process the karma, and learns to untangle these ropes. To better understand atman and our karmic ties, the significance of the KIng of the Chart, Atmakaraka and Minister and other Significators or Chara Karakas is explored from a Vedic Astrology perspective.”

Biography: Pandit Sanjay Rath

First Black Hole Photo

Finally the first photo ever taken of a black hole has been released today – at approximately 2:07pm London time:

The image of a black hole captured by the Event Horizon Telescope. Photograph: EHT Collaboration

Sheperd Doeleman, EHT director and Harvard University senior research fellow said: “Black holes are the most mysterious objects in the universe. We have seen what we thought was unseeable. We have taken a picture of a black hole.”

Messier 87 is a super massive black hole – the largest ever detected. It is located in the sign of Virgo, near the border with the constellation Coma Berenices and can be found just over halfway along the line from the bright star Denebola in Leo to Vindemiatrix in Virgo. Another elliptical galaxy, Messier 89, lies just over a degree to the east, while Messier 84 and Messier 86 are about 1.5 degrees to the northwest of M87. Virgo A can also be located using the M84/M86 pair, positioned almost exactly halfway between Denebola and Vindemiatrix. Two fainter ellipticals, NGC 4476 and NGC 4378, can be seen in the same low power field of view as M87. Other galaxies in the vicinity include NGC 4478, NGC 4486A and NGC 4486B. The best time of year to observe M87 and other galaxies in the Virgo Cluster is during the spring.

What about the astrology of the moment?

The chart is cast for London, on 10th April 2019, at 2:07pm.

Jupiter is near the Galactic centre, being opposed by the Moon and trining the Leo Ascendant and the Sun. The Sun is in the 9th house.

Venus conjunct Neptune in 8th – close to Mercury – a happy outcome to a great mystery (one of the objectives was to look at how gravity works at the event horizon surrounding the Black Hole).

With Messier 87 being in Virgo, Venus, Neptune and Mercury are currently in opposition and Jupiter in square.
This alignment always seems to signify some special event and Moon in opp Gemini to Sagittarius symbolises an expansion of our knowledge of the cosmos, and that worldwide people are interested in this scientific wonder.

It’s a great day for more enlightement for humanity!

Electional Astrology Workshop


With Kim Farnell, President of the Astrological Lodge of London

  • Date: 30/03/1019
  • Time: 10:00-16:30
  • Location: Theosophical Society of England, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA

Electional Astrology Workshop

Explore the art of astrological timing. A workshop on how to choose the most auspicious time for events such as weddings, starting a business, pursuing a new career, or taking a trip.

Using example charts and practical exercises, you will learn and work with a variety of electional techniques. Both beginner and more advanced astrologers are welcome. The ticket price includes a short book on the art of Electional Astrology.

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Biography: Kim Farnell