Leo Rising :  The Story of the Astrological Lodge of London

Leo Rising BookFor the last 100 years, the Lodge has been at the forefront of British astrology. Its story offers a window into the world of twentieth century astrology.

Astrological societies come and go. And Alan Leo, one of astrology’s most important figures, was amongst those fond of founding them. In July 1915, a group of seventeen gathered at his house and the Astrological Lodge was born.

Originally a lodge of the Theosophical Society, the Astrological Lodge had its own identity from the start, and its influence soon spread throughout the English-speaking world. Hundreds of astrologers have passed through its doors to attend its meetings and offer lectures. Obviously things didn’t all run smoothly. Dissension in the ranks led to the Lodge fathering the Faculty of Astrological Studies, the Astrological Association and the Company of Astrologers. Conversely , agreement in the ranks has led to at least one marriage.

More than simply an account of a small society, this book offers a window into the world of twentieth century astrology. It describes and discusses many of the individuals who were influential in the astrological world. It is the story of how people with a shared passion—one that doesn’t always meet with approval from the outside world—have held onto that passion.

The Astrological Lodge of London has now been meeting for one hundred years. We plan to continue meeting for at least the next hundred.

This is our story.

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Lodge Library
The Astrological Lodge’s book library is currently housed in Cornwall.

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