Zsuzsanna Griga

Zsuzsanna Griga has been practicing karmic astrology for 25 years. She teaches and works with clients in Budapest and in London. In Budapest she opened a healing centre in 2000, and also manages Clear Brook College of Parapsychology since 2003. She has named her astrological concept “Transcendental Karmic Astrology” as it uncovers the hidden karmic layers of the natal chart with the help of the asteroids, Trans-Neptunians, and fixed stars. The discovery and naming of the new celestial objects, the dwellers of the Asteroid Belt and the Kuiper Belt, is an ongoing process; as soon as another one is spotted and named mankind becomes aware of its workings. When you name something you give it a destiny, which will reflect back to you – a well-known psychological fact. Why is it important to uncover the hidden layers of a birth chart, you may wonder. Because the past influences the present, and by bringing it to the surface, by understanding and tackling it, the present incarnation can become a better, happier, healthier one. As a karmic astrologer, this is Zsuzsanna’s creed.



Email: zsuzsanna.griga@gmail.com

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