Priscilla Costello

Priscilla Costello M.A., Dipl. CAAE, is a counselling astrologer, teacher, lecturer, and writer with a professional astrological practice spanning over 30 years. She has spoken widely throughout the U.S. and Canada, at numerous conferences sponsored by NCGR, AFA, SOTA, and UAC. She has been involved in professional astrological organizations in Canada (The Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers and the Canadian Association for Astrological Education) and in the U.S. (the National Council for Geocosmic Research). Founder and Director of The New Alexandria, a centre for religious, spiritual, and esoteric studies, she is the author of “The Weiser Concise Guide to Practical Astrology” (2008), a unique introduction to the basics of astrology linking it to psychology, religion, and esoteric wisdom. Her latest book is “Shakespeare and the Stars: the Hidden Astrological Keys to Understanding the World’s Greatest Playwright” (Ibis Press, 2016)

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