Pandit S Rath

Astrologer, Pandit Sanjay Rath was born in Orissa, India. He comes from a traditional family of astrologers, from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan village in Puri – a lineage that can be traced back to Shri Achyuta Das/Achyutanada, the 16th century polymath and Vedic scholar. Sanjay Rath became a graduate of mechanical engineering and joined the Government of India in July 1991. He was promoted to Under Secretary in the Ministry of Defence in October 1997. In September 2000, he chose to resign from government service to focus on Vedanga Jyotisha.

Since then he has authored many widely acclaimed books on the subject and founded a fully-fledged astrological school that focuses on the teachings of sage Parasara (Parasara Hora Sastra) and the Jaimini Sutras of the Maha rishi Jaimini. Sanjay Rath has spoken all over the world and appears annually as a Keynote Speaker at the British Association of Vedic Astrology. Recently, he has instigated a Mantra Sastra Programme which explores the formation and application of mantras as a part of Vedic remedies. Sanjay Rath can be reached via

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