Astrology Classes

Free Beginner Classes on Monday Evenings

The Astrological Lodge of London offers FREE classes to the beginner looking to gain a better understanding of astrology. The programme is designed with the beginner in mind, but if you’d like to brush up on your knowledge feel free to attend. The classes start at 6 pm and everyone is welcome!

The programme may be subject to change, so be sure to check for any updates on our Facebook page in real time.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact the class tutor Jadranka Coic.

Spring Term

Commencing January 2018

  • 15th January – First & Second House
  • 22nd January – Third & Fourth House
  • 29th January – Fifth & Sixth House
  • 5th February – Seventh & Eight House
  • 12th February – Ninth & Tenth House
  • 19th February – Eleventh & Twelfth House
  • 26th February – The Essential Dignities
  • 5th March – The Accidental Dignities
  • 12th March – Major Aspects: conjunction, square, trine, sextile, opposition
  • 19th March – Aspect patterns
  • 26th March – Chart Shaping & Chart Imbalances

Summer Term

Commencing April 2018 

  • Chiron
  • Sun Moon relationship
  • Nodes
  • Eclipses
  • Retrograde Planets
  • Using Ephemeris
  • Chart Interpretation
  • Chart Interpretation II
  • Predictions – short introduction
  • Cycles

Autumn Term

Commencing September 2018

  • Introduction to Astrology – history, zodiac, planets, houses
  • The Astrological Chart
  • Planets: Luminaries
  • Planets: Inferior Planets
  • Planets: Superior Planets
  • Planets: Modern Planets
  • The Zodiac and the Signs
  • Signs: From Aries to Virgo
  • Signs: From Libra to Pisces
  • Signs: The Nature of the Signs
  • Signs: Interpretation of the Planets in the Signs
  • Signs: Interpretation of the Planets in the Signs II
  • No Class but join us for the Christmas Party

Please note: the class programme may be subject to change. Check 48 hours before arriving to see if there have been any updates. Or check our Facebook page for more updates.

Course Tutor Jadranka Coic email